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Market Situation of LED light-emitting diodes
Visit:4688 Date:2016-06-23

    With LED lamps, LED displays and other products continue to dominate the market, LED light-emitting diode has entered the office area from research and everyday life, Chinese LED market wind, clouds moving in the Red Sea in the traditional lighting LED lighting market to bring it great pressure to survive, had heard of a play within the industry joke:. "we Chinese people live in the most expensive house using the most expensive LED products, we only have a second-class LED technology," Although this sentence as the industry angry words, but it is China LED lighting market realism.

Development of domestic LED lighting, can not leave alone to talk about the international environment, we must talk about the emergence of bright LED, particularly GaN-based blue LED green LED's rise makes use of revolutionary change took place - from the lights turned illumination. When the first time appear white LED lights, countries have launched the next generation of lighting plan in response to help domestic enterprises to seize the commanding heights of the LED market, because if the world all incandescent replaced with LED lamps, just to save electricity, each year more than 100 billion US dollars, LED lighting market became an instant star, popular governments illumination. It can be said with a profound sense of LED light-emitting diodes in a society not to have occurred on the second technological revolution two centuries (the era of the steam engine and microelectronics era). Let us into the twenty-first century a new era of solid-state lighting.

Since that time our national strength has not been so strong, but also for the environment, energy conservation awareness is not high, coupled with the lower LED light-emitting diode technology accumulation, so that China's LED lighting started relatively late, is currently China's LED industry and compared to the international advanced, the gap is mainly reflected in the lack of a lower level and product research and development capabilities, the product from the levels look more to the upstream, the greater the gap between the level. Low-end and mid-range LED of various shapes can be produced now. Large-screen products such as LED, LCD backlight, automobile lights gap with foreign countries is relatively obvious.

I am pleased that, through continuous efforts, we have developed a number of products with advanced international level. As SMD5630, SMD2835 such as product development, such as road traffic lights and beacon lights also reached a considerable level with the international advanced products and achieved good market performance. Especially in recent years, since the National Semiconductor Lighting Project started, the level of product development and improving the level of significantly faster, appears on the downstream good phenomenon started, the three safety optoelectronics, photovoltaic Blue Jin, Op lighting and other enterprises continue to rise , and if this year there are 15 enterprises to enter the 2015 Guangdong LED 500, although there have been companies dropped out, but the LED market continued good news, according to this trend, and gradually catch up with the advanced international level can be expected.

The biggest problem now is the product of LED patent issues, but we can and "grab", with "rush" to counter encirclement foreign patent department, really stuck to our China business, patent grab, corporate mergers and acquisitions, has become this year LED market, a landscape, the size of the domestic and international mergers and acquisitions this year, as many as dozens of cases, and with one of the emerging scene, the trend is so, no, "and" over the enterprise, come out to mix almost a little embarrassing, but many companies due to LED "fight" to death, broken capital chain, the result is only to be "and", and here friendship reminder: merger risk, follow the trend of think twice.

Domestic LED light-emitting diode business in support of national policy, continue through a variety of cross-border mergers and acquisitions, concentrated practice "Patent kindly quick fix", the purpose is not only to the domestic market, even more important is to let China LED to the world, the domestic LED business, a recent overseas LED market has also been good news of success, welfare again and again. After all, China LED business mix is not money people stupid industry, and to survive in the midst of the Red Sea price melee powerful molecules, except for patent worries LED business, quickly let the Chinese manufacturing light-emitting diodes in the world lighting market footprints.


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